End of 2020-2021 School Year


With just 3 weeks left of school for seniors and four for underclassmen, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. This is a hard time for everyone. Underclassmen are being overloaded with state testing; seniors are realizing they only have a few weeks left until they leave PSHS for good, and everyone is stressing about their upcoming finals. Whether or not you are excited or dreading the end of the school year, it is fair to say this year has been anything but conventional, and all of our staff and peers are proud of you for all you have accomplished this year. 

In the beginning of the year, faculty and students alike went into uncharted territory attending and teaching during a global pandemic. With many changes including periods where everyone was being taught remotely like in March of 2020, many students struggled as well as teachers who had never taught in a setting other than a classroom. We all made it through that phase and even had Fall sports in a semi normal fashion, and the Poland Players even put on a wonderful performance virtually. 

Winter was rough for everyone with many students being quarantined due to contact tracing. Despite this winter, sports still went on as well as speech and debate. The school also had spirit weeks for both football and basketball. During the winter was when the school was shut down for a few weeks but managed to reopen after Christmas Break as normally as possible.

Spring has been mostly normal as we had a spring break, and spring sports were able to start back up again after having to take last year off. Seniors are also getting to participate in normal senior activities such as the senior cookout and breakfast. There will also be a prom held for juniors and seniors on May 7th. Seniors also get an in person commencement on May 29th. 

Overall, as this year may not have been the most traditional, it was one to remember, and the class of 2021 did not have to miss out on much. Hopefully, things will be back to completely normal for next year, but this one was a pretty great one.